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---InfinityZone Romania iti ureaza La Multi Ani!! JaizeKaf.---

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eu nu primesc email ca sa pot face register mai departe

@  IZ Shield : (23 September 2018 - 08:09 PM) Nu faceti nici un fel de reclama pe chat
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pot sa fiu si io helper?

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---InfinityZone Romania iti ureaza La Multi Ani!! p0w3r ;x.---

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---InfinityZone Romania iti ureaza La Multi Ani!! I'm a StaR.---

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---InfinityZone Romania iti ureaza La Multi Ani!! LeeonaRd.---

Regulament Servere

Regulament Servere InfinityZone Romania

InfinityZone Romania Server Rules

Regulament General:
* 1. Folosirea codurilor de orice fel atrage dupa sine banarea permanenta.
* 2. Nu intrati pe server cu nick-uri indecente sau vulgare. Veti primi kick/ban doua ore/maxim o saptamana.
* 3. Nu faceti spam pe chat sub nici o forma.
* 4. Este interzisa reclama catre alte servere/site-uri, sanctiunea fiind ban permanent.
* 5. Deranjarea adminilor cu cereri absurde si abuzuri de admin chat va atrage dupa sine kick/ban doua ore).
* 6. Nu cereti schimbarea hartii sau favoruri adminilor.
* 7. Limbajul vulgar se poate folosi in limita bunului simt, Fara Morti sau Mame. Multiple abaterei Ban Permanent.
* 8. Faceti glume doar cu cine va permiteti.
* 9. Inainte de a incepe o gluma cu cineva care nu il cunoasteti intrebati mai intai daca va permite mai ales cu un Admin.
* 10. Orice reclamatie la adresa unui Administrator, Moderator, Admin, Premium, Helper va fi facuta pe forum, cu dovezi, folosind un limbaj civilizat. Daca nu aratati respect, nu va asteptati sa il primiti.
* 11. Orice jucator care primeste ban si nu depune o cerere de unban(doar daca doreste) in maxim o luna(30de zile), aceastea nu vor mai fi luate in considerare. Un posibil Unban va ramane la aprecierea Fondatorului sau Administartorului.
* 12. Daca un Admin, Moderator, Helper care isi face treaba cum scrie in regulament este injurat pe Steam, Mess, Skype, MSN, sau ori care alt progam/platforma, persoana respectiva risca sa fie banata permanent pe toate serverele noastre.
General Rules:
* 1.Using codes entai permanent ban.
* 2.Do not enter the server with indecent or vulgar nicknames. You will receive kick / ban 2h / 1 week.
* 3.Do not spam the chat in any form.
* 4.It is forbidden to advertise to other servers / sites. The sanction is permanent ban.
* 5.Harassment and abuse of admins with unreasonable demands will entail kick / ban two hours.
* 6.Do not ask for map changing or admins favors.
* 7.Vulgar language can be used in the limits of common sense, No Dead or mothers. Multiple deviations lead to Permanent Ban.
* 8.Make jokes only with the people that allows it
* 9.Before you start a joke with someone that you do not know, ask first if he allows it, especially if he's an Admin.
* 10.Any complaint against an Administrator, Moderator, Admin, Premium, Helper will be held with evidence on forum, using a civilized language. If you do not show respect, do not expect to receive.
* 11.Any player who receives ban and does not submit a request for unban (only if desired) in less than one month (30f days), the request will not be taken into consideration. A possible unban will remain at the discretion of the Founder or ADMINISTRATOR.
* 12.If an Admin, Moderator, Helper which does its job like it says in the rules, is cursed on Steam, Mess, Skype, MSN, or any other progam / platform, the person risks being permanently banned on all our servers.

Regulament Admini:
* 1. Nu se incredinteaza accesul pe server altei persoane.
* 2. Nu abuzati de gradul de admin. Sunteti admini ca sa asigurati o buna desfasurare a jocului.
* 3. Inactivitatea pe server/forum se sanctioneaza cu scoaterea adminului in cauza.(Sistemul functioneaza automat la 30 de zile)
* 4. Sunt interzise certurile si amenintarile intre jucatori, admini, sau intre admin si jucator.
* 5. Adminii nu au voie sa preseze jucatori cu bomba exemplu slap, slay, kick (Daca un jucator nu dezamorseaza/planteaza bomba primeste slay automat) consecinta pierderea dreptului de a mai fi Admin o saptamana (prima abatere).
* 6. Adminii de grad inferior sunt obligati sa respecte deciziile adminilor cu grad superior, daca acestea sunt luate cu cap.
* 7. Inainte de a da vot, intrebati jucatorii de pe server ce harti doresc la vot.
* 8. Nu dati la vot harti care s-au jucat, deja indiferent cine le cere.
* 9. Consultati-va cu ceilalti Admini in legatura cu orice problema ce afecteaza bunul mers al serverului.
* 10. In cazul jucatorilor suspectati ca ar folosi coduri, faceti DEMO. Pe baza acelui demo banati sau nu jucatorul.
* 11. Nu dati BAN fara DEMO / DOVADA
* 12. Este interzisa folosirea repetata a comenzilor slay / kick.
* 13. Dupa ora 8 seara, incercati sa puneti harti cat mai mari/clasice/cunoscute.
* 14. Daca in timpul zilei se goleste serverul, puteti pune harta de_dust2 pentru a se umple.
* 15. Orice admin care intra cu un nume diferit fata de cel pe care are gradul este tratat ca un simplu jucator. Orice cearta/suferinta legata de acest aspect se va sanctiona cu remove.
* 16. Sunteti obligati sa vizitati forumul zilnic mai ales categoria cu serverul unde sunteti Admin.
* 17. Harta nu se schimba fara vot mai ales daca sunt jucatori multi pe server.
* 18. Intre Adminii, Moderatorii, VIP. nu vom face nici o diferenta, toti vor fi tratati la fel.
* 19. Daca un VIP abuzeaza de puterea lui va primi imediat remove fara dreptul de a mai cere/primi inapoi gradul respectiv.
* 20. Nerespectarea oricari reguli de mai sus duce la inlaturarea Adminului.
Admins Rules:
Admins Rules:
* 1. Do not entrust another person the access to the server.
* 2. Do not abuse. You are admin to ensure a smooth and safe gameplay.
* 3. Inactivity on server / forum is sanctioned by removing the admin (The system works automatically - 30 days).
* 4. Quarrels and threats are prohibited between players, admins, or between admin and player.
* 5. Admins are not allowed to pressure players with slap, slay, kick (If a player does not disarm / plant the bomb, he will receives automatically slay). The consequence to this is losing the right to be Admin, one week (first swerve/deviation).
* 6. Admins of lower grade are required to comply with higher grade admins decisions if they are taken correctly.
* 7. Prior to making a vote, ask the players on the server which maps they want to play.
* 8.Do not make a vote with maps that have been already played, no matter who asks for them.
* 9. Consult with other admins about any issue that affects the gameplay on the server.
* 10 .If a player is suspected with cheating, record a DEMO first. Based on that demo, the player will be banned or not.
* 11. Do not BAN without DEMO / PROOF
* 12. It is forbidden to use in a repeated way the commands slay / kick.
* 13. After 8 pm, try to play large maps / classical / popular.
* 14. If daytime the server goes empty, you can put the map de_dust2 to fill it.
* 15. Any admin who enters with a name different from the one that has the garde on, will be treated as a simple player. Any argument / distress linked to this will be sanctioned with remove.
* 16. You are obliged to visit the forum daily especially the server's category where you are an Admin.
* 17. You do not change the map without voten, especially when there are many players on the server.
* 18. Between Admins, Moderators, VIP.. we will not make any difference, everyone will be treated equally.
* 19. If a VIP abuses his power, he will immediately receive remove without the right to make another request / get back his grade.
* 20. Failure to comply with any rules above leads to the removal of Admin.

* 1. Pentru orice problema legata de server/comunitate contactati un Managerul Administrator.
* 2. Daca Fondatorul ia o decizie spre exemplu ban, unban, mute, unmute, kick, silent, etc nu este obligat sa dea vreun detaliu jucatorului in cauza sau altor Adminii, Moderatorii, VIP, etc.
* 3. Daca Fondatorul este online pe server si seteaza o harta sau executa vreo comanda, este stricti interzis anularea de catre oricare alt grad. Pierderea adminului temporar.
* 4. Cererile de unban NU se fac pe steam, messenger, skype, ts3, etc doar in cadrul FORUMULUI.
* 5. Administatorul serverului nu are dreptul de a da Unban fara acordul Fondatorului sau Adminului care l-a dat + dovada banului DEMO.
* 6. Staff-ul InfinityZone isi rezerva deptul de a-si alege proprii admini. Aceasta regula nu se aplica pentru serverele partenere. .

* 1. For any problem related to server / community contact the Manager or an Administrator.
* 2. If the Founder makes a decision like ban, unban, mute, unmute, kick, silent, etc, he is not obliged to give any details to the player in question or other, Admins, Moderators, VIP
* 3. If the Founder is online on the server and sets a map or executes any other command, it is prohibited to cancel it. Penalty: temporary loss of admin.
* 4. Applications for unban are made only on Forum (NO steam, messenger, skype, TS3, etc).
* 5. Server Administrator has no right to give Unban without the agreement of the Founder or the Admin that gave the Ban + proof / DEMO
* 6. InfinityZone staff reserves the right to choose their own admins. This rule does not apply to partner servers.


Conducerea serverelor InfinityZone isi rezerva dreptul de a modifica acest regulament oricand, asa ca verificati din cand in cand regulamentul serverelor.
InfinityZone servers management reserves the right to update this policy at any time, so check occasionally the server rules.

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