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Steam Bundles Introduce Flexible Pricing System

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Valve are introducing a big shake up to the the way Steam bundle purchases work, and it’s emphatically a change for the better. Various bundles are set to lower their price for players who already own one or more of the titles in said deal.
PCGamesN report that Valve explained this new move in an email to developers:


With Steam Bundles, if a customer already [owns] some items in the Bundle, they will pay for and receive only the items not already in their account. This allows the best fans of your series or franchise to ‘complete the set’ and get a deal on the remaining items in the Bundle.


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As it turns out, this glorious new regime has already started to come into effect for some of the bundles on Steam. Eurogamer noted that the Valve complete pack currently goes for $92.70 (about £65).


However, after Eurogamer logged in to their account, Steam recognised that they already owned five of the games in that particular bundle, so amended the price to $68.85 (about £49). Check it out below.


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Valve (rightfully) added that previous deals would often end up giving the customer a pretty raw deal if they already owned a couple of games in a bundle. This way, everyone’s a winner. Thanks guys.